Tommy Blue: A Jewel in the Forest

Amanda’s book, Tommy Blue: A Jewel in the Forest”, is a beautifully bound hardcover with exquisite full-colour illustrations of Australian fauna and flora. A truly inspirational story of hope for the young at heart. The first edition sold out within 5 months, and the second edition is still selling strongly.

A selection of emails/notes Amanda has received:

“My son really loves the book and enjoys looking at the animals. Thank you again.” Emma

“I love Granny Annie reading me my own Tommy Blue!!” XX love Byron Bown

“Hi Amanda, my name is Jenni and l need to thankyou for the delightful story of Tommy Blue. My mum always called me Jenni-wren, so when l saw this book l thought it would be excellent for my granddaughter Matilda. Little did l realise what a powerful message you were sending out in the story until l read it. I am a believer in things will find the person that needs its most, in this case the message. Matilda is 3 years old and has Down Syndrome. I will always refer to Tommy Blue when things appear to be too much for her and she needs inspiration. Your story moved me so much that l really thought you should know that all your effort was worth it. Truly beautifully illustrated and written……” Jenni

“Everyone I have showed your beautiful Tommy Blue to, have just absoluately LOVED IT!!!” Trish

“Hi Amanda, Thank you for the gorgeous book! Congratulations on producing such a beautiful story. Isaiah loved it, and he was fascinated with all the pictures and pointing out the different animals. I read it to myself though, I thought it was very meaningful. Really special of you to sign it for us too (it will be worth millions later hehehehe!)” Julia

“Hi Amanda, I was thrilled to meet you on Sunday at Montrose and now want to comment on how much my great grand-daughter loved her book. I showed my copy to two of my close friends and one is very good at painting herself and both of them loved it and will buy a book each. We all love the little story and your delightful illustrations.  All the very best with sales and in your future.” Anne

“A very belated thank you for posting the books – they truly are gorgeous!!! I love your poetic writing and the way you catch the expressions on the birds and animals faces in such a real and endearing way, and your vibrant colors… Thanks so much for sharing your gift!!” Christine

“Hi Amanda, I read & enjoyed your very touching& beautiful book,& wanted to wish you well for the launch tomorrow. Much love,” Marguerite

“Hi Amanda, Thank you for these beautiful books. What a gift God has given you! Many blessings,” Janice

“I loved your book so much I ordered one for each of my five children so they can read them to their children. I pray that your book may be a blessing to many adults as well as children over the coming years. Blessings,” Jeannie

“Your book ‘Tommy Blue’ is a shear delight. Well done You have a wonderful gift. I trust it sells really quickly & well.” Dorothy

“Hello Amanda, Thankyou so much for the books. They arrived yesterday and I just love it!!! Tommy Blue is delightful – it is heartwarming and made me smile. Everything about it is wonderful – I hope you’re pleased with the finished product. It is amazing and I will be ordering more!!” Bonnie


After a terrible bushfire destroys his forest home, a little blue wren named Tommy Blue is blown by a powerful wind to a far away forest. Grieving the loss of his home and family he desperately strives to be noticed by the birds and animals he meets along the way. But the more he strives, the more insignificant he feels. Suddenly, in the darkness of night, a surprising encounter changes his life forever.

To order advance copies, please contact

Amanda directly. The hardcover book is $20 plus $5 postage. 2 copies posted $45.

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Front Cover


Back Cover

7 thoughts on “Tommy Blue: A Jewel in the Forest

  1. Love your book. Your work is a delight, as I have always known. Payment is on the way.
    I will order more at a later time.

    Every blessing,


  2. Hi Amanda (& Nick)
    I came accross your book at the Chapel on Station gallery where I go to church. I bought a copy plus 2 prints. A fantastic book. I love your art-work. I always wanted to have a piece of your work. I don’t have a lot of wall space but I decided I could fit 2 prints and I will enjoy reading the story to my grand-children.
    Warm regards
    Theresa Taylor

  3. Hi Amanda…
    It was so lovely to see you on Saturday at Petra’s Birthday…
    Thankyou so much for the leaflet, Wildlife Wonders and for thinking
    of me… also Congratulations on you Book… Tommy Blue… due out in May,
    a most lovely time of year… how exciting, I can’t wait to see it…
    The little owl in Winter’s Dreaming is one of my favourite’s, Laura gave me
    a card years ago, I still have it sitting up looking at me…
    Your Art Amanda is so Beautiful it always Lifts my Spirit and reminds me
    we are One with Nature… Blessings and Love to You… Patricya X

  4. Hi Amanda & Nick,
    Congratulations on Tommy Blue Amanda. I read it as soon as I got home! A beautiful book with a wonderful ending – beautiful pictures and everything else in between! My little grandchildren will love it – along with the adults. It was a great venue for the book launch, and Nick you did a wonderful job there too – thank you both. Did I hear a whisper that there may be a CD launch one day Amanda? I hope so!
    With much love,

  5. Hi Amanda,

    Hope you remember me from #3, St. Clair Cres! When Nancy told me about your book, Tanvi & me found it thru google and loved what we have seen. Will definitely try to pick up your book. I’ve always loved your art.
    All the very best
    Best Wishes

  6. Dear Amanda,
    I found a copy of your book at the Rhodondrendron Gardens today and bought it for my grandaughter for Christmas. It is absolutely beautiful, she’ll love it. I was sorry I wasn’t able to be at the launch. Hope to catch up with you again soon,
    Lots of love to both you and Nick,
    Lorraine and John.

  7. Amanda,

    God has blessed you with such talent for His reason. We are all made differently, but after reading your article in the Witness I was so pleased to look at your work and thrilled to know you too are excited and moved by creation. It has been my love since I was a child.

    Like you, I spent so much time in the garden or in the hills amazed at the many tiny and intricate creatures that our God made. Later, as I came to know Jesus, like you I was so aware that we were valuable, but that he did notice every detail in his creation – what a Creator too. He noticed the humble sparrow, could give us strength like the eagle – and His love for me is overwhelming.

    Keep up your wonderful work.

    I pray God continues to bless you with your work, your ability to relate to others with it, and thank you for taking the time to write that article.

    In His wonderful love, Diane

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