The children at Park Orchards primary School spent a wonderful day with Amanda Tuohy as she worked with all children from Prep to Year 6 during an action packed Literacy Day. Amanda read her own stories which she both wrote and illustrated. She talked of her childhood love of native wildlife and worked with the children, step by step, to draw their own birds and animals. Amanda adjusted her approach to the varying age levels, ensuring that all children from 5 years to 12 years created a successful drawing. By the end of the day children all over the school were proudly displaying their art work and vowing that being an author/ illustrator would be a great profession!

It was impressive to watch Amanda maintain her enthusiasm as the day wore on, ensuring that the last group were as enthralled as the first.  The local wildlife theme appealed to all and her stories resonated with their own lives and understandings. Because engaging children through Literacy based activities is a priority at any school, I highly recommend inviting Amanda to pass on her love of writing and illustrating to your children.

Lyn Dennis-Literacy coordinator and Librarian – Park Orchards Primary School

“I warmly and unreservedly commend Amanda Tuohy, who has served as a part-time ‘ministry associate’ here at Central Baptist Church, Chelmsford, for just over one year (September 2009 – September 2010). First and foremost Amanda is a woman of faith.  She has a clear love for the Lord Jesus, and has a passion to share her faith with others. Amanda has served in variety of ways:  amongst other things she has preached and sung in our worship services. I have appreciated her positivity of spirit. Amanda has proved to be a highly creative and artistic individual. We will greatly miss Amanda.” Rev Dr. Paul Beasley-Murray, Senior Minister Central Balptist Church and Former Principal of Spurgeons College, London.

“Amanda is multi-talented in the visual and performing arts with unique skills in communication.” Dr David Johnston –Former Founder and Director, Wesley Institute for Ministry and the Arts.

“Amanda’s formidable gift of singing is uniquely combined with impressive artistic and literary talents which enable her to create beauty and inspiration in her artwork.” Rowan Forster– Former Senior Newsreader ABC Radio, Melbourne.

“It is my pleasure to commend Amanda Tuohy and the wonderful creative skills that she brings to the visual and performing arts. She is a passionate communicator, a marvellous painter, and a singer with a captivating voice. Amanda conveys a message of grace and hope as she points to God in all she does.” Pastor Wendy Henry, Templestowe Baptist Church, Melbourne

“Amanda is a truly remarkable performer who is gifted with a wonderful voice, a professional style and communication skill that sets her apart in her field” Mac Hawkins, Hawkins Consulting, Melbourne

“We were privileged to have Amanda on the (Insight For Living) team. Her preparation, professionalism, total co-operation, punctuality and friendly disposition were outstanding. Her solos were delights to behold.” Graham Permezel, Former Director of Insight For Living Australia, commenting on Amanda’s role in the Chuck Swindoll National Tour.

“Amanda is a highly gifted Artist. Her artistic and creative impulses are expressed through a variety of mediums, such as singing, painting, writing, and as a communicator. She has a rare balance of self-discipline, creativity, spontaneity, and reliability. I have been inspired on many occasions by her gifts. First and foremost, however, Amanda is a genuinely caring and loving human being. I have been privileged to share my life with such a wonderful women.  Rev Nicholas Tuohy (ok, he’s my husband, but he said he really means it!)