The deepest wisdom can be born

Not just through pleasure but through pain ~

For what’s a rose without its thorns?

A lesser beauty sought in vain.

What is light upon a painting,

If no shadows give it life?

What’s a dream without the waiting?

Wings which never take to flight.


(C) Amanda Tuohy

Dreaming of Spring

Softly slowly Winter’s frost

Nibbled restless trees,

While Autumn leaves in turn

Fell dancing, dying in the breeze.

A sparsely-covered countryside

Lay hidden in the snow,

While little creatures dreamed of Spring

From lullabies below.

(c) Amanda Tuohy

The Simple Moments…

Quiet times which go unnoticed,
Happy tears which wash away,
Treasured moments which, though simple,
Shine like stars upon our day.

Words of love & deeds of kindness,
Drown the darkest worldly fears;
They gild with gold the tragic places
Then turn to diamonds, Sorrow’s tears.

The world is full of empty people,
Money-lovers seeking fame ~
And deep inside, their hearts are bleeding
For someone to know their name.

While lurking on the grimy shadows
Is a cry for ‘simple things’ ~
A heart to love and to be loved
And Dreams which fly on angels’ wings.

These are priceless in their essence,
Though they may not win acclaim,
For they reflect the Heart of Greatness –
The One who really knows your Name …

(c) Amanda Tuohy

Life is But a Pilgrimage

Life is but a pilgrimage,
A narrow track through time,
The roads are rough, unchartered,
The hills are steep to climb.

But there’s something on that journey
that stops us turning back,
It gives us hopes to cherish
On that wild and fearful track.

It makes us hold our head up high
When Fear has brought us dread;
It takes Fear’s shackles from our heart
And gives us Faith instead.

It gives us Wisdom, Courage, Strength
When things aren’t as they seem ~
It tells our frail, yet fervent heart,
“You have the right to dream!”

You see, a Power has claimed us,
He will never let us go,
He’s the Mighty God our Father,
Who is greater than we know.

(c) Amanda Tuohy

Seeds Of Greatness

Seeds of Greatness

When life becomes a barren field
And grief is all too much to bear ~
When every dream you’ve had has vanished,
Crushed beneath a load of care.

Hold on to all the good you know,
Be true to all that’s in your soul,
And when the odds are stacked against you,
Keep your eyes upon that goal.

For greatness lies within your soul,
It slumbers, waiting for the day
When you call it from its sleep
To chase the dark of night away.

So rest within that dark cocoon,
Though black and cold it may well be …
And know that someday you’ll emerge
With magic wings entirely free …

 All Poems © Amanda Tuohy