The Scarlet Robin’s Gift

Amanda was thrilled to have her second book published in late 2014: The Scarlet’s Robin’s Gift.

Scarlet-Robin-cover-web“An endless winter has descended. Trees have been felled, and a dying forest mourns creatures it once cradled, now gone. Hope has abandoned this place. Or so it seems… One heart, overwhelmed by sorrow and inspired by love, offers a precious Gift which transforms the forest forever. The Scarlet Robin’s Gift is a story of hope rekindled. A story for all ages.”

Comments received so far:

“Just wanted to tell you I gave your lovely Robin book to a lady I work with who was an art teacher (as a Chrissie surprise).  She was so touched and moved and LOVED the book, said it was a real gift and spoke to her heart. Just wanted you to know that your books are touching hearts” Judi.

“”Good morning Amanda. Just letting you know that we bought your absolutely delightful book on our recent trip to the divine dandenongs and it’s for our little grandie / niece / nephew…due 10 th dec. I am currently flicking through and am thrilled with it and can’t wait to read the story to my grandson/daughter very soon.  I intend to give our grandies your special books over the coming years, and look forward to many hours of happy reading and discussing. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful talents.” Jacinta.

“Hi Amanda, Your beautiful book arrived today. It is such a beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations, and the message you wrote to my children is so inspiring and beautiful thank you,
You are a very talented gorgeous lady,  thank you, thank you, thank you,” Simone.

“Amanda, I have received the books. They are beautiful, I must have known, they were meant for me, with the message sent through them. Old greenie, from way back. Thanks again,” Kim.

“Thank you for the beautiful book-such a lovely story and such beautiful illustrations.” Dorothy

“I just wanted to write and say how heartwarming I found your two books, which I read last night. The stories were delightful and the illustrations beautiful.” Samantha

“Just a short note to say what a joy, delight and privilege it was to be a part of your Book Launch yesterday. The lovely speech you made was absolutely captivating, in keeping with your entrancing writing and magical art work. Mum was absolutely delighted to receive a signed copy of your book, as was I.” Rowan

Little Puppy picture and Poem- 1985

Amanda Tuohy- 1985
To the One Whose Hands have touched the Earth,
Creating flowers fair;
Who’s breathed pure love upon small feathers,
Showing us He cares.
To the One Who’s found in every
Broken corner of the Globe,
Who gives us friends and loved ones –
Priceless treasures overflowed.
To God we dedicate our lives,
He’s given us so much;
The tiniest of creatures are
Made Special from His touch!
©Amanda Tuohy


The deepest wisdom can be born

Not just through pleasure but through pain ~

For what’s a rose without its thorns?

A lesser beauty sought in vain.

What is light upon a painting,

If no shadows give it life?

What’s a dream without the waiting?

Wings which never take to flight.


(C) Amanda Tuohy

Dreaming of Spring

Softly slowly Winter’s frost

Nibbled restless trees,

While Autumn leaves in turn

Fell dancing, dying in the breeze.

A sparsely-covered countryside

Lay hidden in the snow,

While little creatures dreamed of Spring

From lullabies below.

(c) Amanda Tuohy