The Simple Moments…

Quiet times which go unnoticed,
Happy tears which wash away,
Treasured moments which, though simple,
Shine like stars upon our day.

Words of love & deeds of kindness,
Drown the darkest worldly fears;
They gild with gold the tragic places
Then turn to diamonds, Sorrow’s tears.

The world is full of empty people,
Money-lovers seeking fame ~
And deep inside, their hearts are bleeding
For someone to know their name.

While lurking on the grimy shadows
Is a cry for ‘simple things’ ~
A heart to love and to be loved
And Dreams which fly on angels’ wings.

These are priceless in their essence,
Though they may not win acclaim,
For they reflect the Heart of Greatness –
The One who really knows your Name …

(c) Amanda Tuohy

1 thought on “The Simple Moments…

  1. Hi Amanda,
    It’s Laura’s friend Patricya, I was at Laura’s last Saturday…
    Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading Your Poems,
    I find them very Moving and Inspiring…like your Painting’s ,
    it is always a Joy to see them… Blessings and Love from Patricya x

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