Seeds Of Greatness

Seeds of Greatness

When life becomes a barren field
And grief is all too much to bear ~
When every dream you’ve had has vanished,
Crushed beneath a load of care.

Hold on to all the good you know,
Be true to all that’s in your soul,
And when the odds are stacked against you,
Keep your eyes upon that goal.

For greatness lies within your soul,
It slumbers, waiting for the day
When you call it from its sleep
To chase the dark of night away.

So rest within that dark cocoon,
Though black and cold it may well be …
And know that someday you’ll emerge
With magic wings entirely free …

 All Poems © Amanda Tuohy

1 thought on “Seeds Of Greatness

  1. Hi Amanda,
    How very true!
    We’re still in that ‘dark cocoon’ but life goes on and I’ve just passed my driving test this morning and so my ‘magic wings’ are slowly emerging.
    I hope life is treating you and Nick well and that God’s plan is becoming clearer for you both?
    Love and prayers as always,
    Nicki x

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