Dreaming of Spring

Softly slowly Winter’s frost

Nibbled restless trees,

While Autumn leaves in turn

Fell dancing, dying in the breeze.

A sparsely-covered countryside

Lay hidden in the snow,

While little creatures dreamed of Spring

From lullabies below.

(c) Amanda Tuohy

1 thought on “Dreaming of Spring

  1. Dear Amanda

    I just wanted to let you know that I noticed your work in a local coffee shop in Montrose recently and spent a lot of time admiring your paintings I think they are stunning beyond words.

    I’ve never seen such love in paintings, and such detail, truly wonderful. The Robin Red Breast cracked me up completely and I could only dream of selling one at that price but indeed being able to BUY that one! It’s incredible.

    I have literally just started painting for the first time in my life a couple of months ago and needless to say I have little clue about what I’m doing however this has led me to start to notice other paintings when they are around.

    My favourite is Australian wildlife because I’ve only been in the country a year and a half and I find the wildlife here astoundingly beautiful and would adore to have the ability to paint them especially kangaroos and other animals but of course this could take some time! :o)

    Meanwhile, I’m currently restarting my Tarot Card and Healing business from home and may put some paintings around the room and see if there’s any feedback so if you’re ever in the area you are very welcome to pop in for a cup of tea and a chat. I’m Irish by the way.

    So, I just wanted to pass on my very best wishes to you and your continued success.

    Much Love and Admiration to you…. Susan :o)

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